spartan warrior

In Honor of My Father, the"Spartan Warrior"

As the son of a member of WW ll’s Carlson Raider Battalion, the precursor to the Green Beret, who was wounded during his many battles in the South Pacific, I was raised to love and respect my country.

As such, I have always done my best to support America.

From our early history of slavery to the abandonment of Benghazi, obviously, America has not always been righteous.

But these last several decades have seen more fundamental changes to American that my dad, who passed away about 10 years ago, would not believe.

The decision was made to form a company that would stand for the principals that my dad and so many other young Americans fought and died for over 80 years ago.

So it was with him in mind and in his honor that the Spartan Fund was created to help combat today’s cancel culture. 

With a background in the film business, I felt I could utilize my 5 decades of experience to help create and promote a new home for conservative voices.

There’s an urgent need for a web platform that would honor the principals as they are laid out in the U.S. Constitution and the rights guaranteed all citizens in the Bill of Rights.

Thus was born the endeavor to form a new and very innovative Social Media Platform online that would be a safe place for real free speech.

With the help of Global Universal Film Group we are going to produce a fair and powerful documentary series that tells the story of politics in America over the past 10 years.

Global Universal Film Group is a subsidiary of Global Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GBHL), a publicly-held entertainment company, that is working to establish an international network of domestic and foreign production and distribution affiliates.

For more information, please visit:
 Global Entertainment Holdings

We know we will be attacked, as is everyone these days who supports conservative values. Even though we were not the ones who made this declaration of war, we will not turn away. We will fight for the values our fathers and grandfather’s fought and died for over past generations.

We must fight for America to always be first, now and forever. But to accomplish all this we need Your Help!


When considering Patrick Henry’s patriotic statement referring to the question of whether or not to break free from the suppressive rule of the British...

“Give me Liberty or give me Death”

It is clear those who signed their names at the bottom of the D of I just knew that some of them, if not all, would end up paying the ultimate price.

And so it happened that many of them did.

As such, let their sacrifice be a reminder to all of us that even today the human drive for freedom exceeds life itself.

Below is a list of the brave men who rolled the dice by signing that now sacred document and the prices they paid in the name of freedom for themselves and effectively every generation that has followed them.  Because of their sacrifice, we are fortunate enough to be living in the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Let us always respect and honor their choice to stand against tyranny, without or within, and stand for the freedoms these men fought for so bravely with that same pledge that Patrick Henry made over 244 years ago.



On behalf of You and Your Family, we will always fight to Make America Great Again and to put America First.


Contribute any amount today because Your Name has to be on the list of True Patriots who stand up for America!