“Patriotic Republicans”
Our Pledge

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Mission Statement

Our mission over the next 4 years is to do everything legally possible to STOP the Democratic Party from forcing their Socialist Agenda onto the American People.

At the same time we will be fighting like hell to keep Trump's MAGA Movement alive in the minds and hearts of the American people by Upholding his "America First... Now and Forever!" Policies.

Joe Biden… We’re Watching You!

Joe Biden has proven that he will DO LITERALLY ANYTHING TO UNDO PRESIDENT TRUMP'S LEGACY and dismantle the great work President Trump has done to put AMERICA FIRST. We will be there every day to remind congress that they work “for” the American people.

We are Washington DC's Watchdogs!


Patriotic Republicans!

In times like these, every Patriot’s sense of duty and loyalty to America has to be activated. Millions must be raised to defend the Republic as new challenges arise each day, as substantial campaigns, rallies and protests are needed to increase public awareness.

  • NO MORE allowing the Democrats to waste our hard earned money and corrupt our government.

  • NO MORE turning our heads when Democrats are trying to take control of our elections.

  • NO MORE letting Democrats dominate our media, entertainment, schools and social media.

  • NO MORE letting Antifa & Black Lives Matter  burn down our cities.

America's Spartans

The spirit of the Spartan Warrior, the passion of the True Patriot, lives in us. There was a time when only 300 Spartans defended their entire country. Today over Seventy-Million Americans are fighting like Spartans to protect and save their Country.

We must take action! Our enemies won’t rest until they have completely destroyed America. That is why we need resources now... Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Today!

The Spartan Fund

The Spartan Fund was established to provide the capital for our Battle Against Evil.

With YOUR HELP we will tirelessly fight for the future of our families, of our children and grandchildren, and thereby save our beloved America from the clutches of socialism.



On behalf of You and Your Family, we will always fight to Make America Great Again and to put America First.


Contribute any amount today because Your Name has to be on the list of True Patriots who stand up for America!